The stories he tells us

Updated Aug 12, 2002

Although he objects to it, Bruce Springsteen is often referred to as "The Boss". Why do people call him that? Well, according to the man himself, this originates back in the days of "The Student Prince", a club the band played in the 1960s: he was the man who got the money for the gigs and then paid out the band members.

In the years that followed many fans have adopted this nickname. Even in 1999, when he toured with his band again, many publicists and tour promoters used the slogan: "The Boss is Back."

Why is Bruce Springsteen called the Boss? Is it his music? Is it the power during his performances? Is it the fact that despite all the fame and fortune he is still a human being? Everybody has his own reason to call him the Boss, and all of those reasons are valid.

To me, what makes Bruce Springsteen the best performer of all times, is the fact that he opens himself up. I've read somewhere that one of the reasons that the tabloids don't write that much about him is that there are virtually no secrets. Everything that might be important to who this Bruce Springsteen is, is being told to us.. by the man himself, on stage. On stage he talks about his childhood, his conflicts with his parents, his marriage, his children, anything that matters to Mister Springsteen. And we, the audience, listen, cheer, applaud, cry or just dance like crazy, to whatever he tells us.

On these pages I have tried to collect as many stories as I could find, both from  recordings and from personal recollections of concerts.  If you have something that belongs here, please send it to me, and I will give it a place among the other stories. Of course, I will give full credit to you (unless you don't want me to). Send the stories (with, if possible, date and location of where they were told) to this address.

Of course, you could sign my guestbook and tell me what you think.

One final notice: all material here is (probably) copyrighted and used without permission. Bruce, call me and accept my apologies.

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